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Medical Alert Id's For Children from
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      New Paracord Medical Alert Id's for Children and Adults
For Active children and Adults our Paracord Medical Id bracelet Bands are great. Weather resistant and waterproff! Interchangable with our Medical id Tag.
Medical id Sports Bands as low as $20.00. FREE ENGRAVING

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Leather Medical Id's      Sterling Silver Medical Id's   Gold Medical Id's

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Personalized Jewelry
 Personalized Non-Medical Jewelry
Engraved id Jewelry For Children, Adults, Teens and Babies 

Unique Medical Id is where you can find custom designed beaded medical Id bracelets and Paracord medical alert is bands that are custom made to fit. Large selection of medical alert id jewelry for Adults, Men and Woman. If you are looking for a medical alert id for kids, medical id  for infants, toddlers, children or teens. We carry fun medical alert ids kids will want to wear! We have beaded medical id bracelets, medical alert id for girls, medical alert id bracelets, boys medical id bracelets, Paracord medical wristband bracelets, medical Alert id dog tags, medical id necklace, Medical alert id shoe tags and other medical id alert jewelry to choose from. For your active children, our medical alert id sports bands a great.  Our medical id sports bands will also fit toddlers.  We have creative medical alert id jewelry, stylish medical ids and our medical alert dog tags are popular. If you or your child or love one has special need or on medication, you should wear a medical id alert.

Do you need a Medical Alert id for Allergies, Diabetes Medical Alert id, Autism Medical id, Medical alert id for Nut Allergies,  Epilepsy medical id. Whatever you need unique medical id will custom engrave your medical alert id tag/plate free with your important medical information!
Large selection of boys and girls beaded medical Id bracelets, Paracord medical ids, medical id charm bracelet, boys and girls sports bands and slider medical Sports Bands. Gold medical Id bracelets, medical alert necklaces, charms, sterling silver and stainless steel alert bracelets for girls, boys teens and adults. Our medical alert Id shoe tags and medical alert zipper pulls are perfect for your infant, toddler and young children!
We specialize in creating medical alert ids for children and Adults.  Infants, toddler, teen, Adult men and Woman Medical alert ids. Medical alert id tags, medical alert id plates, medical alert id necklaces,  medical alert id dog tags
, and medical id alert charms

 We have created our beaded medical alert bracelets so that your loved one, yourself or your child will now enjoy wearing an emergency alert bracelet or a medical alert id. Our medical alert  id bracelets are not only fun, but they are stylish, unique, creative medical id and simple too.
Our Beaded medical bracelets and our Paracord medical bands come with an interchangable medical id tag. Same medical tag will fit our beaded bracelets and our paracord bands.
Cool glow in the dark paracord bands, bright neon colors and cust made to fit!

We Know that in an emergency a medical Id alert bracelet, medical id jewelry, or any type of medical alert id is an important part of your life, as it can save the life of a loved one and yourself. We now carry pre-engraved  medical alert ids for those that suffer from dementia. People with certain medical health conditions should wear a medical alert bracelet, medical id, necklace or other piece of medical jewelry with your important medical information. A few of these conditions are:

Epilepsy, Diabetes, Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes Type 2, Penicillin Allergy, Allergies, Food Allergies, Drug Allergies, Asthma, ADHD, ADD, Seizure Disorders, Lymphoma, Peanut Allergies, Allergic to Nuts, Milk Allergies, Bleeding Disorders, Transplant, unique anatomy, Taking Coumadin, Heart Patients, Transplant Patients, Autism, dwarfism, Alzheimers, Implants, Kidney Disease, Gastric Bypass, Insulin Dependent, special needs, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Leukemia, missing organs, daily medications,  migraines as well as many other medical conditions.

Click above For Pre-Engraved Medical id Jewelry. We carry pre-engraved medical id dog tags, medical alert id charms, medical alert id necklaces, medical alert id sports bands. Our pre-engraved medical alert plaques for our sports band are made of Surgical Stainless Steel which is hypoallergenic and non-corrosive. Medical id tags/ plaques are interchangable with our other sports bands. We also carry Cool Anodized Medical alert tags in Red, Purple and Blue with our sports bands. Low cost of only $15.00.

Wearing a medical alert Id is so important to provide your medical condition when you or your child is unable. When your child is in school, daycare or visiting friends. If you or your child requires Epipen, epi-pen,you should have a medical alert ID tag to alert paramedics. A medical alert Id bracelet, medical alert necklace or a medical id should be worn.

For toddler, children and kids who prefer not to wear a medical alert id bracelet or medical Id we have medical Alert Id zipper pulls that are great! Just attached to your boy or girls coat, book bag or backpack!

We also carry pet Id tags for your family pet or Service dog! Pet Id Tags are only $5.00 Free Engraving!



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